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Rating: 5/5

Thank you ever so much for your thoughtful birthday “gifts” for June and yes, November. :) You’ve been nothing but kind to us since we started with you a few years back. It’s a real pleasure to support a small business owner who goes above and beyond. We wish you continues success! - Kathy F.

Date of review: 7/1/20

Rating: 5/5

"I wanted to inform you that I have vacated site #9. I wanted to thank you for the excellent service over past 3 plus years. Therefore I have paid for the month of May as a thank you. Please respond to this email so that I know you received it. Have a great day. Stay safe." - Larry D.

Date of review: 4/28/20

Rating: 5/5

"A#1 guy to deal with." - Jerry H.

Date of review: 1/20/20

Rating: 5/5

"Owner is awesome and helpful! Reasonable prices, I would choose this place by far." - Sandy P.

Date of review: 1/8/20

Rating: 5/5

"Thank you for a wonderful safe storage. When I find another boat, I hope to store at your facility. Great place!" - Jerry D.

Date of review: 7/1/18

Rating: 5/5

"Owner was there on the first day and helped get my rv in my spot and was very helpful in everything. Highly recommend this as good storage area" - Mike

Date of review: 5/27/18

Rating: 5/5

"Thank you for your kind words. We are very happy to have found your place - you obviously take great pride in keeping it nice and I feel secure knowing our RV is in such a good place." - Barbara

Date of review: 5/20/18

Rating: 5/5

"You are so kind to keep a close watch on our RV. We really appreciate you! The last time we put on the tire covers, one of the straps broke so we only covered 3 tires. We know we need a new one. Thanks for letting us know, it's a pleasure to store our RV with you!" - Kathy

Date of review: 5/2/18

Rating: 5/5

"Nice storage. The owner is very cool. You can't beat it. They also take Paypal for convenience!" - Stephen

Date of review: 1/31/18

Rating: 5/5

"Owner is very friendly and offers to help. I witnessed him cover an rv for an owner who lives out of town because of hurricane damage." - R. Kell

Date of review: 10/5/17

Rating: 5/5

"Just after hurricane the owner contacted every tenant to make sure they were informed of any damage. His service is fabulous. MERCI BEAUCOUP...I hope you know those words! Your prompt service and your kindness, is very much appreciated! ALL the best for you!" - Richard L.

Date of review: 9/14/17

Rating: 5/5

"The owner of this facility is hands on and takes pride in the properties appearance. The 24/7 coded gate is very convenient. Also, small rocks were placed around perimeter which helps to avoid tire dry rot and other concerns with a muddy surface. I would highly recommend." - Anthony I.

Date of review: 8/16/17

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